Millimeter-Wave Imaging

By utilizing incoherent signal transmission and interferometric algorithms from radio astronomy, highly sparse antenna arrays can be used with imaging frame rates orders of magnitude than the current state-of-the-art. Our team specializes in hardware-software co-design for next-generation millimeter-wave imaging systems.

Distributed Wireless Systems

We are mitigating inefficiencies of wireless systems for sensing and communications that utilize multiple low-cost nodes in a network setting. Traditional radar systems utilize large and expensive antenna apertures with a significant amount of antennas and active hardware used.

Joint Communications and Sensing

Communications and radar systems will eventually need to share the same spectrum, due to limited resources. We are currently exploring ways for communications and sensing systems coexistence, but also as a way to introduce environmental feedback and help wireless communication networks to become more reliable and efficient.

Novel Wireless Sensors

We are currently exploring way to achieve highly-accurate motion sensing with low-cost systems. Current focus includes both active radar techniques, but also non-linear radar architectures. Radar is a key modality for the future of autonomous systems and wireless sensor networks.